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Wayne "Sweetheart" Shaw      

Most motorcycle insurance brokers and agents have never even sat on a motorcycle. Wayne has been riding motorcycles for over 40 years and has been helping customers save on motorcycle insurance policies for over 20 years. Contact me today and I'll help you save money on your Arizona, California, New Mexico or Pennslyvania motorcycle insurance policy.

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About Us
Strictly Cycles Insurance Agency began as a motorcycle insurance provider in the state of Texas over 20 years ago. At the request of our clients and insurers, we have expanded to cover Arizona, California, New Mexico and Pennsylvania. We specialize in providing no broker fee low cost motorcycle insurance rates.

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Check out our discounts and save even more with no broker fee!! It only takes a few minutes to call us and discover just how much money you could save on motorcycle insurance in Arizona, California, New Mexico or Pennsylvania. At StrictlyCycles, we provide superior service and outstanding motorcycle insurance rates for the life of your policy.
Motorcycle Safety Tip
Please always wear a helmet
Most states require helmets. We recommend you always wear a helmet whether the laws in your state require it or not. Road rash on your face can be very unsightly. Permanent brain damage won't look so good either. Of course, that is if you survive. Please wear a helmet. If not for you, wear it for someone you love.



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Arizona, California, New Mexico and Pennsylvania

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